Monday, October 15, 2012

History of Korn

Korn formed after the band broke up due to the singer LAPD that drug dependence. Reginald Arvizu, James Shaffer, and David Silveria wanted to continue with the band recruited guitarist Brian Welch, and then started a new band called Creep.


Beginning in 1993, Creep observed Sexart vocalist, Jonathan Davis to be invited to join the band. Davis did not really want to join, but after consulting a psychic he decided to audition and eventually merge.


As he said himself in an interview session DVD Who Then Now. After Jonathan was recruited, they want to change the name of the band Creep with a new name. Eventually they turn it into a "Korn". Jonathan, who suggested it as a training session which was also favored by other members. Jonathan took the crayon and wrote their logo handwritten kids substitute the letter "C" with "K" and the writing of the letter "R" behind.

In April of that year, Korn began a friendship with a producer, Ross Robinson, who recorded their first demo album Neidermeyer's Mind. During the first year, they lack a place among the music lovers as it is still much loved grunge flow. After several experiments with several record companies. Paul Pontius from Immortal / Epic Records heard the band in a nightclub and was so impressed, he went to meet them and offer direct recording contract. With a producer and a label, Korn started work on their first album.

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